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Job description:

Hi, ever think that 3D is so cool it’s underrated?

Tired of convincing your parents that 3D is important?

Want to help the world see that 3D actually touches every aspect of our daily lives ?

Join Third Design to do just that, you know, make 3D so ubiquitous that everyone uses it daily

Who are we?
Third Design is software company building an easy to use 3D design tool, helping democratize access to this technology.

Where are we?
We are based in Paris, France (Station F) but we are fully remote.

What are our values?
Are you spirited? do you have grit? you want to do great things in life (and actually put in the work…)? you’ll fit right in. We are building a , so only great minds are allowed.

This is a PFE, what will I do?
50% of the time creating storyboard-style short “”educational”” videos (1 to 3-minute edits), 50% taking those assets you created for the film, making them PBR-compliant and publishing them as glTF.
You will lead the process of storyboarding, ideation, get help planning to eventually handle the execution.

Skills & Qualifications:

What you’ll need to do this internship?
Blender. Yup, that’s it. But if we’re being exhaustive, creativity and your artistic touch.

What would help your chances getting this internship?
You can do a lot of things, you have a huge skillset. We select T-shaped people, the ones that have a broad set of skills with one specialization.

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