Hello! I am Ahlem Ghazouani,

Business - Tunis Business School

“Opportunities don't happen , you create them”
Chris Grosser

My career started when I first graduated from the Pioneer school of Sfax in 2016 with a baccalaureate in Mathematics. I chose to study in Tunis Business School and pursue a Bachelor degree in Business Administration with Finance as a Major and Business Analytics as a minor. I was forced into the world of Business after dreaming of being a doctor during my whole life. At first I thought It was some kind of curse until I figured out that maybe It was the best deviation that life ever gave me. I became passionate about doing something that really matters, that helps boost the economy and be closer to people’s issues and that is how I fell in love with my field of study.

One thing I blamed myself for when I started college is how I was always so focused on my studies thinking that it is the only thing that will define my future. To fill the gap that I created , I engaged myself in every opportunity I came across since then. I got active in different clubs that taught me the basics of debate ( international institute of debate ) and basics of the united nations, what they tackle and through which committees ( Tunis Business School model united nations ) . Also I participated in every competition I heard of ( Injaz Al Arab, Hack for Democracy, Hult prize ) and that was when I first got to know the Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem, how to build your own company, what skills you need and all.

By the time I became a Junior student I already knew much more than others do and I was still eager to know more, so I decided to get involved in part time jobs that help me get closer to startups and entrepreneurship .

I did an internship as a financial manager with a startup in Biatlabs, and then another internship as a Investment manager in Level 1 coworking space and recently I did my senior project with Flat6labs , the biggest accelerator in the Mena region. And I currently have 2 months of internship to complete with them . My current plans for the future are graduating from my school first and obtaining my BSBA diploma and then graduating from the College of Europe where I will be studying next year for my master degree.

My experience taught me that no matter what luxury I am working in, I won’t be fully satisfied unless I am doing something I am passionate about . The value that I give to people is what motivates me to wake up in the morning and go to work and be creative.

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