Hello! I am Aicha Ferchichi,

Data Science Engineering Student - ESPRIT

“Teachers Open The Doors, But You Must Enter By Yourself.”
Chinese Proverb

I am Aicha Ferchichi – Data Science Engineering Student – ESPRIT.

I finished my high school education in 2015 to choose after that one of the best school of technology engineering in my country “ESPRIT” where I learned a lot about communication, discipline and community life. I was a radio host in “Radio Libertad” and I interviewed many young entrepreneurs to discuss their success and even their failures, I was also an active member of “Tunivision” with our partner school IHEC.

In my field I used to work on different projects, I started with development with Integrated project at my school where I created an application which can be deployed on desktop web and mobile.

Then I was attracted by the high new trends of technologies and I chose the data science Specialization, a brand new option in ESPRIT and the road for “the sexiest job of 21st century”, I discovered that data is the most powerful tool that can be used nowadays, that is what pushed to work on it and I started my first project at school (partnership with “mitakus Germany”) and I achieved to create a professional machine learning model, and now with TAEF and LOGIS, I can push my career forward with a very interesting summer intern.

I’m excited to join the TAEF program, a good initiative and a very helpful aid for student’s development in Tunisia, I can see a brighter future now, and I plan to move forward no stop to obtain my engineer degree and join the international market in such an interesting field like data science.

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