Hello! I am Alia M’rad,

Digital Marketing Student - IHEC Carthage

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts”

I am Alia Mrad, a 24 years-old Tunisian girl, who is passionate about Business, Management and Digital Marketing. I was born in summer, the season of the sun, colors and dreams. So, it happened that I wanted to shine and learn new things from my early childhood. I remember that my mom always used to say that I was very active, curious and communicative child. I would ask dozens of questions about every subject and sometimes I wouldn’t wait for the answer to ask another question.

Fortunately, my thirst for knowledge remained along my educational life; I was passionate about management and economics. This passion helped me gain profound knowledge in these areas, and I was admitted to the college of my dreams IHEC Carthage. Today, I am a student in digital marketing, and I feel very happy about it.

I am certain that my degree will become my ticket to enter the professional world with full confidence and extensive knowledge. So, I am studying hard and devoting my free time to reading books about people who succeeded and watching interviews with recognized specialists in the field of digital marketing. This will allow me to gain the skills needed for me to be a well-rounded digital marketer.

I understand that life is not just a bed of roses, and challenges and hardships are an integral element of life, but I am ready to tap into my full potential, hop on new skills and follow my dream. I have both the will and the determination to succeed even if I have to rise after failure and proceed to achieve my goal again.

That said, being determined to succeed does not mean stepping on other people in order to achieve your goal. On the contrary, success is about recognizing your weaknesses and accepting support from people who genuinely want to help you achieve your goal. That’s the spirit of being a successful person!

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