Hello! I am Amal Mabrouki,

Business Engineer Student - Central Polytechnics Private School

Hello! My name is AMAL MABROUKI and I am a senior business engineering student at Central Polytechnics private school in Tunisia.

After getting my high school Baccalaureate degree with distinction in Mathematics in 2011, I joined preparatory institute of engineering studies for two years cycle in mathematics and physics, I then persuaded actuarial science specialty at Tunis Dauphine with a scholarship. However I did not finish with that major, instead I am currently a senior business engineering student at Central Polytechnics.

Since my youngest age, I have been intrigued by the idea of changing the world and making it a better place, a place where all humanity can pass through to reach its ultimate potential. I realized that, like the “butterfly effect “, the tiniest things ‘impact count as much as those of bigger actions. Besides of pursuing higher education, I involved in volunteering and social clubs such as ENACTUS and JCI where I had the chance to work on different projects both in social entrepreneurship and volunteering activities, that enabled me not only to contribute in an impacting work but also to accomplish different tasks : rising funds, managing, pitching and to develop soft skills related to management ,entrepreneurship , leadership and team work.

Passion, authenticity and integrity are main motor drives that keep me dedicated and involved in what I do. In few years, with some professional experience and good network, I may opt to launch my own project and explore the actual entrepreneurship world. For leisure activities, I love dancing, reading and nature trips , this always helps in getting centered.

I joined the TAEF fellowship program through an internship with FabSkill , working on IMS project (impact management systems) a gateway between Business and social yet environmental Impact.

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