Hello! I am Ala Tebini,

Sophomore student - TBS

” Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change “ Jim Rohn

Hi ! I am Ala Tebini , a 19-year-old Sophomore student at Tunis Business School. One year ago, I made one of the most important decisions in my life , which is choosing Tunis Business School to pursue my studies .
One year ago , I left my hometown to live alone and start university life. I was one of the most ambitious freshmans at the university, as well as very confused ; how to be perfect as a business student ? How to set goals ? What enables me to achieve these goals?
Could clubs and associations help me to reach my goals ? and what clubs to join ? After a lot of consideration , I made a lot of decisions and applied for several opportunities. And until this moment, I haven’t regretted any decision !
I have joined Two Clubs , One called ATLAS Future Leaders TBS-chapter , which was one of the life changing experiences. I invested a lot of time in doing my job as a member in a way that enables me to learn new things and deliver the best outcome to be committed to the club’s mission. The other club is called TIMUN TBS. This club provided me with a lot of opportunities that were the reasons behind shaping my personality. And that is why I have decided to invest more time in TIMUN and applied for the position of the Executive officer of Sponsoring & Treasury . Besides,I escalated the experience at a national level ,and applied for a Secretary-General of a national event at the National Association of TIMUN !
In my first summer at university, I was looking for an internship and found the TAEF fellowship program . I applied for several opportunities and I finally got my summer
internship at Seemba Startup . And here we are. At an early age , I was able to live an amazing professional experience within a developing startup , and especially contributed to major steps that the startup was going through.
This experience was full of ups and downs and this gave me a glimpse on how Business world is .
My internship with TAEF was a tipping point since I got to apply theoretical things that I have learned before . Last but not least , I got the opportunity to expand my network more and more within the entrepreneurship community.

I encourage every ambitious student to participate in this program.

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