Hello! I am Anas Namouchi,

Sales Developer - TBS

“Life shrinks and expands on the proportion of your willingness to take risks and try new things.” Gary Vaynerchuk

The end of my summer internship marked the beginning of my third year of college, and while the journey ahead is still long, I am proud of the things I’ve done in the last two years. After being granted admission into Tunis Business School two years ago, I found myself shoved in the middle of a new exciting world. My university offered a rich and diverse social life, and I quickly signed up to be a part of as many associations as my little schedule could handle. I was eager to try everything new out there. Granted, later on, I was more selective with the ones I dedicated most of my time to. I had the opportunity to work within 3 NGOs, 2 of which have greatly impacted me. I joined their marketing teams and assisted in building the marketing strategies for upcoming events. I also created content regularly in order to engage with their online communities. I worked as part of various organizing committees, tasked with the successful planning of multiple events. I took on tasks related to sponsoring, project management, marketing, as well as talent acquisition. Once I felt ready, I took on the role of a project manager, leading a team towards the successful planning of a project. Even though we were greatly affected by the pandemic at the time, thanks to my hard-working we pulled through and we achieved our targets successfully.

During my second year at university, and after a sudden decision to take on bigger challenges, I signed up for the OSTx competition. I got to know the OST staff and mission and I was introduced to an entrepreneurial environment I can only be proud of belonging to. During the four months of the competition, I got to meet dozens of inspiring people and assist in workshops and training sessions aimed at building better future entrepreneurs. I also had the pleasure of working with four other college students on a start-up idea. We went through the preliminary phases of launching as we spent hours interviewing subjects as part of our market research, we pitched to industry professionals in order to adjust and better our product, and finally qualified to the final round of the program where we competed against the best teams of the competition.

My summer internship with TAEF was the tipping point as I got to use all of the things I learned and practiced before. Nevertheless, I was introduced to multiple new aspects of the business world and got to experience this environment through different lenses. The TAEF fellow program allowed me the opportunity to work within a Tunisian start-up as the lead sales developer. I encourage every student that has the opportunity to participate in the program to do so.

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