Hello! I am Badis Ksibi,

Business Student - Tunis Business School

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.”
Jim Rohn

After getting my Baccalaureate degree in Computer Science in 2019, I chose to study at TBS because I find it the only university in Tunisia that matches my future objectives and goals.

I started my first year by applying to join different clubs because I had kept in mind that I should always try to make the best out of the next 4-year-experience to improve my interpersonal, management, and conceptual skills by meeting new people and working on different projects. As a consequence, I joined TIMUN TBS, a club in which we perform simulations of United Nations’ organs, This experience allowed me to improve my debating and communication skills, opportunely, I was elected by the club members to be the general secretary in charge of the Marketing and Communication, an occasion for which I’m still Grateful.  Indeed, in this position, I took the responsibility of leading the marketing team to implement the promotion campaign strategy of the TBS MUN event, Preparing Social media posts, and Designing visual content using different tools(basically Ps and Ai). During this period(the beginning of the current academic year 2020), I’ve joined TBS junior enterprise, a club located in Tunis Business School that works on market research and performs several market studies for its clients. Indeed, joining this club represents a great occasion for me as it will help me to improve my analytical skills through the upcoming studies that I will be working on within the entity. In these studies we work with clients(generally startups) to gather, analyze, visualize, data using different tools to make business decisions(data-driven decisions). I did express a lot of keenness towards these projects because it is a domain that I’m interested in. Last summer, I chose to make my first step in the professional world, and search for an internship program, and I got the chance to be part of the TAEF’s Fellows Program as an intern in VegaGroup. A company in which I’ve met talented and competent people who supervised me during the period of internship. For me, it was like a dream to join for the first time an office and to be surrounded by employees who have different profiles(designers, programmers, marketers, etc). Indeed, I’ve developed many lasting relationships with them. Each one of them shared with me their domain and proficiency. They genuinely made me able to see things from different perspectives. My first internship experience was fruitful as I contacted and got attached with two communities(The company and The Tunisian American Enterprise Fund Fellows communities)that helped me develop my knowledge about certain fields and expand my network. 

I have always loved to attend orchestras and classical music concerts. I’m devoting my free time to play my favorite instrument, the piano.

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