Hello! I am Fares Ghazouani,

Industrial Engineering Student - Arab University of Sciences Tunis

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”
Tony Robbins

I am Fares Ghazouani, 24 years old, currently studying industrial engineering at the Arab University of sciences Tunis and it is my last year. Now, I am pursing my graduation project in “PHOENIX MECANO ELCOM” an industry based in Tunis and participating in the OSTX which is an entrepreneurial competition that provides participants with a lifetime experience to develop the necessary entrepreneurial skills.

Being a student is one of the facts that helped me to be more integrated into community services surrounded by amazing leaders and supervisors. Also, make hope for my country, call for change and share happiness everywhere are my goals. As a youth, I try my best to be active and make a change starting from my region, that’s why I am involved as a volunteer in many local organizations and participating in international events.

Recently, I have finished my internship with Onboard- SARL in which we help hardware/manufacturing companies to transform their textual manuals into 3D, immersive and intelligent manuals, enabling them to offer instant and efficient customer support to their end clients. I was an implementation intern in this startup, learning from the most professional team and founders, trying to add value and achieve new things.

Lately, I have been accepted in the world youth forum which was held in Sharm sheik, Egypt, I was surrounded by leaders and experts where I well networked with amazing people who have achieved many interesting projects and allowed me to learn more about artificial intelligence, also I have been selected to be part of the interactive workshop titled “The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Future of Youth Skills” where we have worked as a team to achieve a project idea and pitch it in front of the international participants.

Moreover, I have been accepted in a Connecting Cultures program which takes groups of young people from the world, a five-day journey into the deserts and mountains of Oman. In an environment where mobile phones do not work, we were able to engage in undisturbed face to face dialogue, identifying shared values, exploring cultural differences, and discussing the international issues of peace and cut stereotypes. I was surrounded by 16 selected young leaders each one of us was able to represent his country perfectly in an excellent way and they taught me to be a global citizen.

Also, I spent 6 weeks in a “Natural English camp” in Casablanca, Morocco as a volunteer teacher through the international organizations AIESEC where I learned how to be a global citizen and be very responsible about the students in a new environment. I still a member of “We love Bizerte” and ‘’We love” as a network is doing great work to enhance local situations. Besides, I have participated in projects and panels with the ‘’international institute of debate” in which I improved my debating skills and the art to persuade others to join our project. Also, we have organized local cafe talks to prevent extremism, a project in partnership between “We love Bizerte” and the “IIDEBATE”.

As a professional, I want to add value to the place where I go, I have been trying my best to know more about new techniques that enhance my profile that’s why I have been involved in professional internships in many different international companies based in Tunisia.



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