Hello! I am Farouk Guiga,

Trade Graduate - ISG Tunis

“We win or we learn.”
Nelson Mandela

Farouk Guiga-23 years of Age-International trade graduate from the higher institute of management ISG Tunis.

I got my High school diploma in 2015, and then I began my university life in ISG Tunis, and it wasn’t an easy start, I unfortunately failed my first couple years due to many factors, mainly: Lack of motivation.
At one point I thought: I can’t keep my life with this paste, and I decided to make major changes. From that point on I haven’t failed anymore years, and I finally managed to get my diploma with honors.
In the meantime, I also started to work on my community life by joining Enactus ISG Tunis, and that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life, I met a lot of new awesome people and developed a lot of new skills and enhanced my assets and created amazing memories.
I’m now an ambitus man with a well-structured path that I wish to follow and succeed in.
If anyone is reading this, I want you to know from my small and humble experience to never give up and always keep going forward.

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