Hello! I am Firas Hadj Kacem,

Software Engineering - MedTech - SMU

"Knowledge is a commodity to be shared. For knowledge to pay dividends, it should not remain the monopoly of the selected few." - Moutasem ALGHARATI.

Hello! I am Firas Hadj Kacem, Software Engineering – MedTech.

I am Firas Hadj Kacem, Junior Software Engineering Student at MedTech – SMU. I graduated Highschool back in 2019 as a Math Major with high honors. I pursued the integrated preparatory program at INSAT for a year after which I transferred to MedTech with a full scholarship, completed my integrated preparatory, and have just started the Software Engineering Cycle. I aspire to, one day, launch my own startup and create a social impact.

During my years in college, both at INSAT and in MedTech, I tried to leverage the different opportunities available to maximize my experience and widen my network. I joined different organizations, naming Hult Prize at INSAT and SMU, Spark, the Student Life Department, Lions, the Comedy Zone, etc. I also have a part-time job in different departments at SMU, currently working with the SMU Foundation as well as the SMU Career and Alumni Center. The highlight of my experiences on campus would be summed up in launching and chairing the Student Branch of IEEE at SMU. Throughout this journey, I managed to learn different skills by joining several departments and leading or executing several tasks. Besides the on-campus experiences, I work with International Highway, a Tunisian startup, as a Math Tutor for the SAT test.

During the past summer, TAEF offered me the opportunity to intern at Flat6Labs Tunisia within the Investment Team. Investment Analytics was a very interesting internship topic for me since I wanted to acquire such experience and skills relevant to investment in the startup ecosystem. Working with Flat6Labs offered me the chance to meet and work with amazing people in an exceptional environment, all while learning on a continuous basis and expanding my network. I would love to extend my gratitude to both Flat6Labs and TAEF for such an experience. I advise all aspiring students who to want to expand their horizons and hone their skills to seize the TAEF opportunity.


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