Hello! I am Hamdi Abidi,

Financial Analyst – Tunis Business School

Will Smith “ Don’t let failure go to your heart, and don’t let success get to your head “

Hello! I am Hamdi Abidi, Financial Analyst – Tunis Business School

Sometimes, one would impersonate the protagonist of a movie, play their role passionately, and aspire to follow their steps. The Pursuit of Happyness was my very first introduction to the world of Business. As a matter of fact, Will Smith had a great impact on me and made this field such a joy to my eyes. It was the climax that paved my path and allowed me to discover the future I want to pursue. Consequently, I did not think twice when I passed the baccalaureate exam. Tunis Business School was my number one priority.

The first month was not as expected. For instance, moving to an unfamiliar environment with a whole new entourage made me quite regret my choice especially when the whole family advised me to enroll in a medical school. It was a moment that made me step backward and think about my next steps. My decision was not unexpected as I decided to stick to my first plan believing that going through walls will not weaken me, albeit make me stronger. Three months later, I won the Hult Prize in campus with a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs. It was a stepping-stone to live the American dream for a week as I was able to compete in Boston. This event was a turning point in my life. As a matter of fact, it made me realize that I am on the right path.

Down this road, I was introduced to international civic associations, and I had a journey with EdVenture Partners, Soliya, and MUN. Not only that, but I also went deep in the field of entrepreneurship thanks to AIESEC. In truth it allowed me to explore the entrepreneurial environment in Turkey as I was an intern in an IT startup called Bilsoft. This experience exposed to stock trading since most of its team were engaging in it. Subsequently, I started learning about the domain and diving deep in both technical and fundamental analysis. A field that made me sure to line my academic career and passion and make them go hand in hand.

Then, I majored in Finance and minored in Marketing to further understand entrepreneurship as well as stock trading. Eventually, I joined the Tunisian stock market, and launched INSTAVISIT. Some professional experiences that enhanced my personal and professional skills and exposed to TAEF organization. The latter institution helped me grow and make my end of studies internship within Unik Chic, one of its investees. In addition, this company recruited me as a Financial Analyst and gave me a chance to prove myself in the world of Finance.

Overall, my story started back when I stood firm to follow my heart and it will not end until I become one of the pioneers in the fields, I work in.

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