Hello! I am Imen Mhiri,

Student at the Higher School of Communications - Tunis (SUP'COM)

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I am Imen Mhiri currently a student at the Higher School of Communications of Tunis (SUP’COM).

After getting my Bachelor’s degree in 2015, I spent two years studying in the preparatory institute for Engineering studies. Then in 2017 after passing the national contest with a good rank, I chose to pursue my studies in SUP’COM where I got the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and cultivate my soft skills thanks to the project approachadopted and the variety of community events and activities.

In fact, among the competitions in which I participated was the competition organized within SUP’COM under the theme “smart solutions for societal challenges” during which my team and I managed to find a solution to prevent a large population from blindness by developing a mobile application based on machine learning that detects previously the presence of an abnormality in the retina.

Also, as an enthusiastic person who has always been looking for new experience, I am glad to be a part of the TAEF Fellow Program and to do my summer internship in MooMewith LifeEyeas I’m going to be surrounded by dynamic, creative and enthusiastic people. In addition, it will be a great and unique opportunity to bring my added value and improve my skills in machine learning.

In parallel with my academic cursus, currently,I’m an active member in the cultural community Mokhtar ziediwhich organizes tours and collective camps to visit wonderful places also it organizes sensibilization campaigns.

In the last few years, I was the sponsoring manager of the professional association IEEE SUP’COM SB. In addition, I participated in the organization of several events such as INDABAX which is a full day of international speakers, discussions and workshops about deeplearning and the 18th edition of the SUP’COM forum which is an exclusive event for the exchange of ideas and knowledge about digital culture and innovation in this area.
Finally, about my hobbies, I love hiking and I’m an adventure girl. In fact, hiking represents what life is all about. You need to work hard to get what you want.
You need to put in time and effort. You keep going up and keep persevering because in the end, you are going to reach something really good. When you hit the top and you are finished,you walk back down and plan your next amazing challenge.

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