Hello! I am Ines Zouari,

Computer Science - ESPRIT

“The best project you'll ever work on is YOU.”

After finishing my high school, I was confused about which field I should choose. After several thinking, I decided to opt for Computer Science as it represents the future. I chose to study at ESPRIT, one of the best school of technology engineering and Computer Science has since become my passion.

During these past four years I learned how important it is to work in a group project; I gained significant experience in a very short time, learned how to manage my time and became able to finish my tasks at the right time. I also learned how to be collaborative with my teammates, exchange ideas, have discussions and help each other in a team spirit. In my studies, I chose Data Science as a major because of my interest in the high new trends of technologies. Under the TAEF program, a leading and high growing Tunisian startup “Wattnow”, I was accepted in my first summer internship. I am excited about this opportunity that will push me forward in my career.

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