Hello! I am Lotfi Chakchouk,

Licence in Business Management- MSB

“Do not underestimate yourself, you are limitless.”
My name is Lotfi Chakchouk and I am 24 years old. Currently, I am a graduate student from MSB, Undergraduate Program of Management.
I still remember the day when I decided to change my career after completing the second year of physiotherapy studies. It was a difficult but worthwhile decision. Currently, I am a holder of a license degree from the Mediterranean School of business majored in Finance. Following my passion in the business field is what allowed me to graduate with honor and reaching a 3.41/4 GPA.
New adventures are what make my life more exciting and that is why I sought the opportunity to be an exchange student at NOVA School of Business and Economics and the holder of the Erasmus+ scholarship in 2019. This experience helped me to expand my network and made me aspire to discover new cultures. During my exchange program, I was involved in an international community where we had the opportunity to know more about each other’s values and points of view. My vision is to create an organization that offers consultancy services based on data analysis tools to help companies grow sustainably.
Before finishing my license degree, I took the decision to start my professional career to employ and develop my knowledge in the finance field. So, from July until December 2020, I held the position of study and monitoring intern in the central securities depository “Tunisie Clearing”. I had the opportunity to work on a diversity of projects like systems risk assessment and notably the treasury yield curve of Tunisia based on the Nelson Siegel model. This environment pushed me to strive for more knowledge to develop new competencies.
Concurrently, I participated in “Data analysis” training where I constructed a dashboard with Power BI to visualize prices and yields of the Tunisian treasury bonds. My interest in the data analysis field was always following me since my previous experience as a data management intern in 2019 with the startup Vynd, the first mobile application specialized in catering indexation in Tunisia. During my internship provided by the Tunisian American Enterprise Fund (TAEF) platform through the career center of MSB. I contributed to the user behavior analysis project by collecting and analyzing users’ data to improve the user’s experience. This internship made me passionate about the web/ application-development world. That’s why I chose to participate now in RBK program where they provide you with the technical skills needed to become a software engineer.

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