Hello! I am Malek Bezzina,

Software Engineering - SUP’COM

"Believe that you can achieve something, then go ahead and actually achieve it"

I am Malek Bezzina currently a student at the Higher School of Communications of Tunis (SUP’COM).

During my preparatory classes for 2 years, I acquired knowledge in numerical analysis, algebra, and geometry that allowed me to succeed in national entrance exams to engineering schools with a good rank, which allowed me to pursue my studies in SUP’COM.

Sup’Com has not only invigorated my mind of interpretation and analysis by studying engineering mathematics, probabilities, stochastic processes, estimation, and Machine Learning techniques but also has helped me to expand my knowledge and develop soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and project management.

In the last two years, I was the president of NATEG SUP’COM SC. In addition, I was a member in Sup’Com Junior Entreprise – SJE where I participated in the organization of several events such as “Le Phare Tunisien”. I also assisted in the organization of the SUP’COM forum’s 20th edition, which is an exclusive platform for the sharing of ideas and information regarding digital culture and innovation in this field.

I am a dynamic, adaptable person who can rapidly adjust to new conditions. I enjoy what I do, and as a result, I excel at it. I am a quick and inquisitive learner.

I’m excited to be a part of the TAEF fellow program, which I believe is a fantastic opportunity for students like myself to learn as much as possible while simultaneously giving back as much as I can.

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