Hello! I am Manel Kacem,

computer science - Institute of Technological Studies of Zaghouan

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today
H. Jackson Brown, Jr

A tech enthusiast, a leader, and an entrepreneur. That’s who I am! My name is Manel Kacem, and I am a computer science student at the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Zaghouan.

I started my journey after graduating from high school when I decided to explore life through associative life and joined different clubs at my university. This allowed me to take various leadership roles. One of them is the position of the leader of the “Securinets Zaghouan” club, which allowed me to enhance my soft skills such as communication and problem-solving skills since I managed to organize events within my university and outside it with my team members.

My growth journey continued in the third year when I was admitted to the Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program. This experience allowed me to develop new technical and soft skills, grow on a personal and professional level, and build a great network. After the extraordinary experience in the United States, I joined Open Start pre-incubator program as a solo talent, got recruited by the Tunisian startup Skills21, and won the competition.

Today, I have completed my internship with the help of the TAEF program. This is one of the best experiences I have had that both allowed me to enhance my technical skills and soft skills

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