Hello! I am Mohamed Ali Sahnoun,

Software Engineering – INSAT

“you should take the approach that you're wrong. your goal is to be less wrong” - Elon Musk

Learning new technologies is my goal. But using the knowledge in real-world projects is my duty. after two years of Integrated Preparatory, I finally get the chance to actually challenge real-world projects and as an enthusiastic software engineering student, I feel eager to contribute to team success through diligence, attention to the slightest details and, above-average organizational skills. All while still being motivated to learn, I want to make use of my understanding of modern technologies and frameworks to excel in the computer science industry.

I got my baccalaureate degree from Ennasr high school in Ariana, I chose INSAT to pursue engineering studies. Being a computer enthusiast for as long as I can remember, my goal was set on majoring in Software Engineering. With computers taking over the market in the last few years, the majority of students also aimed for the same major and so I expected that getting it was going to be quite a hard task. But after putting in the necessary work, it proved to be easier than I had expected and I could do it all while improving my understanding of modern web technologies in my free time. With that over I find myself taking part in many clubs at INSAT such as IEEE and GDSC.

When it comes to professional experience, I specialize in Web Development and I explored many of the front-end frameworks (React, Angular, Vue) As well as a few back-end frameworks(Express js, Symfony). I have a clear understanding of relational databases(SQL) as well as non-relational ones(NoSQL). I worked on a react web application and on the UI of a mobile application during a summer internship at SQOIN. I currently do part-time work at Webipie as a front-end developer, an experience that is helping me grow and understand more of how teamwork is managed in the computer science industry.

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