Hello! I am Mohamed Ismail Amara,

Business Student - Tunis Business School

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”
Milton Berle

Greetings, Mohamed Ismail Amara, Business Student at Tunis Business School

Graduating high school with honors in experimental sciences, I decided to opt for a rather unexpected choice of career and dive into the business world through TBS. My entourage, including my parents and friends, was outraged since my score allowed me to get into any med school in Tunisia yet I thought it was time to jump out of my comfort zone, get into the driver’s seat and start an adventurous journey.
One of the perks of the American educational system is that it does not focus much on theoretical studies and leaves one sufficient time to focus on soft skills and community life as such. As a result, I was able to develop both soft and hard skills such as research and academia through my experience in Model United Nations as well as project management through ENACTUS. I have also taken time to focus on my one true passion, cinema and I was able to win the best script award at an international movie festival as such.
How do I hit the jackpot at the end of a successful year, you might ask, and the answer would be getting an internship at a high growth start-up, Dabchy, coupled with a fellowship at the honorable Tunisian American Enterprise Fund.

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