Hello! I am Nadine Boukadida,

Software Engineering - INSAT

Take the RISK or lose the CHANCE (literally in everything in life)
Quote :

At each part of our lives, we set a new goal that we feel is our ultimate life goal but the truth is that it is just a part of the larger journey that we are living.

Having my baccalaureate degree with honor has been always my most proud of the achievement as after a whole year of work and dedication I got what I always wanted; perusing my studies in the National Institute of Applied Science and Technology (INSAT) it was also the strongest affirmation for me that hard work always pays off.

It was also the first time I stand out for myself as everyone told me to choose to pursue my education in the medical field but, even as a hesitating person at that time, I never felt more sure about my choice. I guess it was my second affirmation that you always need to be the master of your choices, the choices that you want most.

During my short university journey, I met a lot of amazing people that I can proudly call them friends as I realized that differences bring us closer and give us things to explore and as they made my time there more valuable I chose software engineering as a major and I got the chance to be the webmaster of the IEEE Women in Engineering affinity group and the UX/UI workshop manager for
Insat android club, the challengers, and the first-time life experiences made me realize how strong a person can be while achieving what he wants most.

Regarding my professional experience, during my first internship in PROXYM, I had the opportunity to discover my profession in all its forms and to understand the difficulties that developers could meet while developing a mobile app. I got the chance to learn how to overcome difficulties, develop better and learn how to search for solutions. I really loved the experience and I highly encourage every student to participate in this program.

Thank you TAEF.

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