Hello! I am Oumayma Riabi,

Finance and Business Analytics Students - Tunis Business School

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”
Mark Twain

I am Oumayma Riabi, currently a finance and business analytics students at Tunis Business School.
I am a curious person by nature, one of the main reason behind my extracurricular involvement and my participation in multiple competitions. During my 4 years at TBS, I have tried my best to make the best out of this experience in order to improve my technical, interpersonal and conceptual skills. As a result, I joined Enactus TBS, and was elected the vice president of the public relations department. Not only did this experience allow to discover my potential, and apply my knowledge in real life experience, but it also provided me with a chance to widen my perspective and have a positive impact on the society. During my time with Enactus I worked on the integration of mentally challenged individuals into the socio-economic life. Only then I realized the power than any individual has to make a positive impact on the society and help break misconceptions and stereotypical thinking. I also held the position of the human resources manager at Geek Factory, an IT Club that provides IT related trainings and workshops for TBS students and faculty members like “IT Governance” and Microsoft certificate trainings. This allowed me to coordinate between different departments and settle internal conflicts and issues thus improving my interpersonal and communication skills, in addition to obtaining the ability to adapt to unexpected situation and manage crises. I also participated in Hult Prize competition twice, leading my team to winning the best social impact award in 2017.

Thankfully I did well academically, achieving a spot in the top 20% students in my year with a 4-year cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.3/4. And so, I tried my best to utilize my theoretical knowledge through participating in multiple internships in prestigious financial institution like “BIAT” and “BANK ABC” in addition to spending 7 months with U-accelerator; an accelerator for innovative technology based startups where I help the position of a project manager of the business team, a challenging experience for me at the time that made me explore my leadership potential, improve my critical thinking and coordination abilities. During my time with U-accelerator, I was responsible for selecting projects that have innovative potential, developing business plans and conducting the related market research and analysis. I was also responsible for the coordination between the different team members and internal motivation. Moreover, my team and I organized “Open Innovation day”, an event that served as a venue for the match making between projects holders and startups. As for now, I am currently working with CFE (Centre financier des entrepreneurs), for my senior project (PFE). An opportunity that was only possible through TAEF.

I am very interested in the fields of startup acceleration and social entrepreneurships, two very important potential key factors for the Tunisian economic growth that I am planning to combine and implement in Tunisia.
This will allow me to encourage entrepreneurial initiative and have a positive impact on both the current social and economic situation of the country.

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