Hello! I am Ragheb Sedraoui,

Civil Engineer

“The world belongs to those who gets up early” - Jules Renard

Hello, my name is Ragheb Sedraoui a hardworking and resilient civil engineer who takes great pride in not only the quality of work I produce, but also the consistently high standards I aim to achieve it’s with great pleasure I’m introducing myself to the community of taef and all business society.

As an avid lover of construction, big building, bridges and highways I dreamed a lot to become an engineer since I was little kid in the school at my home city Bousalem where I born, and I grow.

My first step in the civil engineering was in 2011 at the higher institute of technology of Rades where I started my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. then in 2015 after my graduation I joined the biggest food industry group in TUNSIA, were I held the position of civil engineering supervisor ,and my mean mission was to guarantee the quality of the building procedure of a seed treatment unite that provide a selected excellent seeds to farmer in the whole country, when the construction finished I become determined to enlarge my knowledge after a two years of experience, in 2017 I decided to return back to university to continue studying in the field. this why I attended a civil engineer course at polytech centrale, where I graduated with an engineer diploma in the late 2020.

During my extra time in the university, I was so active in volunteering mainly with the ministry of sport and youths. Where I provided my opinions about youth future and how to integrate them in every life aspect in Tunisia (social, economic, political etc…)
I had the opportunity to be one of the taef internship student and this my biggest deal in the last year where I will know more about startups and how to build your own project in Tunisia, fortunately this help me a lot to get the businessman personality and spirit along my journey in the internship inside Chantier SA.

Finally, if you’re someone who dreamed a lot to be part of a successful business this program is for you because it will provide you with the keys of success, I highly recommend attending the taef internship program and submit your application.

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