Hello! I am Rihem Tahari,

Business Student - Tunis Business School

“Hard work betrays none”
Hachiman Hikigaya

I am Rihem Tahari , Business Student- Tunis Business School

After graduating from my high school in 2017, I chose to study preparatory cycle in Biology and Geology . I got good grades still I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to become an engineer because it is always common that we are not prepared to take such a big decision at the time we require taking it. Until, I decided that if I follow my passion, success will follow. In 2018, I joined Tunis Business School for a more professional career.

I started my year as a freshman student opting for my bachelor of Science in Business Administration. During this year, I tried to work on my soft skills first , because it refers to a cluster of personal qualities, habits, attitudes and social graces . As a result, it facilitates my interaction and empowers my ability to communicate effectively .
I focused on reading articles and books in my field in order to acquire a strong mindset comprised with several qualities and information. In spring 2019, I joined DMK TBS as a vice president ; building a strong background and implementing new visions that leads to a more professional development . I joined Soliya exchange program as well by minimizing the distances and creating a shortcut on a cross-cultural environment.

I am really thankful and proud of what I had accomplished this year and specially with my current strategy and my plan set that ended up well . In order to perfectly succeed this year , I searched for an internship until I got the chance to be part of the TAEF’s Fellows Program in collaboration with Dabchy in a summer internship ; A new opportunity that presents numerous experiences and ideas in a whole strong organizational environment . It will be my first time and step in the work and practical world .

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