Hello! I am Sarra Touati,

Computer Science - ISI

From a young age, I sacrificed all my efforts on my studying (the formal one). From a medium student, I developed myself to be a Pioneer student. But, I had never thought that I was capable of going further than my studies until …

At the age of 16, I gained the first amount of money on my own.

While searching for an opportunity to invest in it, one title got my attention: training of trainers. I didn’t have any idea about it. However, for the first time, I pushed myself from the routine of learning to discover new things.

That wasn’t just training for me, but a turnover of my life when discovering community life.

And then, a new adventure had begun.

Full of energy, I took part in the spark club (Fondation BIAT), besides other extracurricular activities. I discovered the entrepreneurship world and my potential as a young entrepreneur.

From that day, I decided to build a career in the field.

But my destiny had another plan, taking me to the Higher Institute of Informatics ISI as a computer science student.

At first, I was shocked: I had never thought that I could pursue a career in this field.

Staying open to learning new things, I accepted the challenge.

Surprisingly, I loved computer science, impressed by the magical combination between science and art.

At this point, my goals muted from 100% business to 50% business and 50% Computer science. For the last half of my goals, community life took the role of my school: Codex Junior enterprise, my marketing teacher, Enactus ISI, my project management teacher, and Securinets ISI, my HR teacher (besides cyber security).

Last but not least, at the age of 19, I sailed to professional life, thanks to TAEF Fellows Program, experiencing an internship within Exo Platform. That was a rewarding experience enhancing my knowledge and skills in both businesses (Marketing) and IT as EXO is a digital workplace.

Now, a new milestone has begun as a vice president of Human Resources.

I do not know where this new chapter of my life will take me, but, for sure, I will always be flexible to new things to grow.

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