Hello! I am Takwa Taboubi,

Business student – IHEC Carthage

"If your ship doesn't come in,swim out to it !" - JONATHAN WINTERS

I am takwa taboubi and here’s my story.

I am currently studying in my second year at IHEC Carthage. My journey began when I graduated high school as one the top students in my school in 2021 and I decided to choose IHEC Carthage to carry on my studies I was forged to realize my dreams.

Since IHEC presents a lot of opportunities that allow me to build a successful career and to enhance my soft skills by joining AIESEC Carthage, it’s a great opportunity to improve my leadership skills, also I met a lot of amazing people that empower and encourage me in every step I take in my professional or personal life as we say « AIESEC is people », I am planning on applying as a middle manager for the next term.

I haven’t chosen my field of study yet and I was so confused about making this decision, but having an internship with Birdhouce cleared my vision and I came to a decision.

Thanks to TAEF I had the opportunity to work in  a professional environment and to get to know a startup environment as a content creator, now I know what I am going to do and it’s all planned in my head

I am super grateful to TAEF for offering me this chance to help me clear my path and get to know myself even better, I will choose marketing as a field since I got to know a lot about it and I discovered its ecosystem.

I highly recommend TAEF to every ambitious student that wants to know more about himself to live this incredible experience.

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