Hello! I am Yasmine Ziedi,

Management and Economics Student - Paris Dauphine Campus Tunis

“Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen.”

Hello, I am Yasmine Ziedi bachelor degree in management and economics Paris Dauphine campus Tunis

I graduated from high school in 2016, with honors which enabled me to get a scholarship from la fondation Biat pour la jeunesse and pursue a bachelor’s degree in management and economics at Paris Dauphine Campus Tunis. This area of my life was marked by a shift in my mentality and my perspectives.

Back in high school, I was solely motivated by fear: Fear of consequences, fear of inadequacy, fear of failure… The change of environment and settings made me realize how this has inhibited any chance of growth for so many years. It made me refuse to take on opportunities simply because I was too scared to try and learn.

I was so afraid of the early stages of trial and error. Letting go of those thought patterns was the most challenging yet rewarding experience. Unlearning habits I had interiorized my entire life, embracing vulnerability and savoring those first experiences soon become an addictive feeling. I began signing up for workshops, attending lectures, joining group sports, entering competitions and diving head first in experiences I thought I would dread.

After a while I came to the conclusion that nothing is as bad as my brain made it seem. Every time no matter how unpleasant, boring, or awkward my experience was, I learned something of value. I met interesting people, I discovered a passion for rhetoric which made me join Dauphine Debaters, I built up the confidence to participate in essay competitions and MUN’s.
I became motivated by growth.

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