Hello! I am Zied Torkhani,

Engineering - National Engineering School of Carthage

“If you're a happy person around food, you can be a professional chef. It's fueled by passion.”
Ranveer brar

I’am an industrial engineer and a research student at Laval University in Canada. I received my master’s degree in Industrial and Logistics Engineering from the National Engineering School of Carthage in 2019.

During the past years, my work focused upon developing cost-effective methods for solving different industrial problems. Some of the work I did in the past 2 years can be summarized in developing new algorithms to solve the problem of snow removal in some regions in Canada. Then, I developed a new intelligent algorithms for projects and production planning in information systems. Now, I’m working on developing new methods for designing routes for ambulances and electrical vehicles into a hospital.

Besides, my professional work, I’m trying to be an active member of my social community by being a volunteer in my free time. During the first wave of COVID-19 I helped some vulnerable people with doing their grocery and some other stuff.

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