What is TAEF?

The Tunisian American Enterprise Fund (TAEF) was born from a U.S. government initiative in the aftermath of the “Arab Spring” in 2011, with the objectives of expanding economic and employment opportunities throughout the country, catalyzing investments, promoting private sector development, and supporting inclusive economic growth. Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development at $ 100 million, TAEF is committed to supporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Tunisia. TAEF’s investment approach is based on “Smart Capital” by adapting innovative financing mechanisms to the needs of Tunisian entrepreneurs for impact across many dimensions – social, geographic distribution, inclusion of women and of youth, governance practices, and value creation.

What is TAEF Fellows Program?

TAEF’s commitment to Tunisian entrepreneurs goes beyond our investment strategies. TAEF also works to inspire and prepare Tunisia’s next generations of entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers, the people who will build tomorrow’s businesses, creating economic and employment opportunity. TAEF has designed and put in place an innovative program targeting students, the next generation of entrepreneurs: TAEF Fellows Program.

The Tunisian American Enterprise Fund Fellows Program connects students seeking career and entrepreneurship opportunities and companies seeking talent. Students from various disciplines are matched to companies to work on specific projects either as interns or volunteers.

  • Students work on meaningful projects for real companies.
  • Students gain work experience and hone their skills.
  • Students join a growing group of committed, talented and creative Fellows.
  • Companies have access to talented students.
  • Companies can tackle special projects

PFE Internship

  • Students get hands-on opportunity of an end of studies project in their desired field of studies.
  • Work on project topics that could be used and maintained by the company in the future.
  • Training will be ensured by the company, and accompaniment through the whole internship and project delivery.
  • Companies have access to talented students.
  • Use of the academic skills in a real project, a perfect transition from theory to practice.

Summer internship

  • Try out another way to spend your summer and discover the skills you wish to improve for your career.
  • Get to meet young interns like you for more exchange of knowledge.
  • Gain your own money as a student.
  • Validate your course credits in case your college asks you to do an internship.

Post-graduate internship

  • Take the first steps in the professional world.
  • Take benefits of your Diploma in a real job to add to your resume.
  • Build yourself a career that gives you great experience in your work.

Volunteering internship

  • Professional experience in a time when companies are slow to hire.
  • Build your professional network.
  • Apply your learning to real company problems.
  • Join a cohort of other committed, talented students.
  • Join TAEF as we support our companies and people during this difficult time.

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